by underswansea


Rolled past the crowds taking in Visitor Appreciation Day. We were looking for a cold river. There are not many days you have it all. It had been awhile since we saw the Palliser. A few more cutblocks, but the mountains were the same. We watched some Eagles nesting in the rock cliffs above the river. The clouds whizzed by just like I remembered. Made me think time was quickening. From where I stood it was. My little girl was a woman. Lisa and I watched our step, but were no more cautious. Do we have more or less to worry about?  At one time we never thought we would get any older. Plenty of time has slipped by since. The rocks are as smooth as ever. I can’t skip them like I used to. Lisa still turns my crank. Kelsie never stopped being my little girl. The guy she saddled up to is my friend. Tom makes me worry less. It is those rocks, trees and cliffs I can’t understand. They don’t seem to change. When I think about it long enough I realize we haven’t either. That makes me feel good. I don’t know much, but I know the river keeps rolling. You can count on it. And it’s deeper than it looks.