falling flat as usual

by underswansea


I can’t believe you can’t buy a cd anymore. All the record shops have shut down. They say it’s all on line. A thousand miles of shit to wade through. Youtube clips with a million hits. My old truck drove on nothing but music. When I pulled in I’d grab a cd. Releasing it from a locked up cage. Nobody trusts people that listen to music. Which is okay because who trusts people that sell music? Or anything for that matter. People should just take what they need. Of course it’s the greedy bastards that fuck this up.

Try living in a tourist town. Where working people can’t make ends meet. Where second homeowners come out 6 weeks a year and keep their homes alarm protected the rest of the time. Where developers put up bullshit websites espousing community values while building shit for tourists. Rule # 1 for developers – build cheap, sell high. Rule #2 – toss in some river rock and timber frame – city folk love that shit.

Unfortunately, I was born in the Windermere Valley. I never had the chance to fuck up another place for the locals. Meanwhile the tourists keep coming.

Everybody trying to figure out a way to separate every tourist from ten bucks. Just like a bunch of hucksters at a carnival. That’s what we have become under Swansea.