old dog new flowers

by underswansea


Took off for the creeks. Wanted to see some bears tonight. I think someone has been killing them for their heads and hands. Looked for orchids. Slinky is tiring quicker than usual. She still likes to run and look for rodents. Sometimes she has trouble getting back in the truck. On the way home she sleeps instead of putting her head out the open window. This thunderstorm season has been tough on her. She is twelve. Old for a purebred. Found plenty of orchids. Big bunches of them that defy their rarity. Yellow Columbine catching the last of the days sun. Bunchberry flowers blanketing the forest floor. Solomon’s seal, waist high led the way to the rushing creek. I listened to the water. Slinky looked and sniffed. We found each other on the way back to the truck. She found a small piece of rabbit fur that she brought with her. I told her to drop it before she got into the truck. She obliged. But, maybe I should have let her keep it.