here’s to the mindless

by underswansea


The janitorial position is working out fine. When I started, it took me two hours to clean 20 toilets, that included mopping the stalls, now I have it down to less than an hour. My mind is going, that is for sure. People think when you have a mindless job your mind can wonder and become creative or think extravagant thoughts. Some higher ups envy the menial. But quite the opposite is true. People in mindless jobs are trying so hard not to think of their plight that nothing else gets through. Painkillers and booze designed to kill pain, starts killing thought. That is a bad time for an addict. Their best friend, the only thing that got them to the next day starts working against them. Talk about conflict.

It stopped raining and the sky cleared. The creeks are high. A big swollen moon rose and hung out in the south.