by underswansea


I am not sure what to make of the Jumbo debate.

I know what I think. We have to preserve our wild spaces whenever we can. Nature is God not money. As we head into the future this will become more apparent. What we choose to preserve now will serve us later.

It is in our nature to destroy and consume. We eat animals and jump in planes to be whisked off and impose ourselves on other parts of the world. Nobody wants to give up what they have. That is never going to stop. But we have to stop the destruction that only profits a few. I’m not just talking about Jumbo.

Somehow this debate has brought out the ugliness on all sides. The Liberal Government and Jumbo Resort have entered into an act of mind-boggling collusion.

Yet, it is Wildsight and the environmentalists that look like bullies, with their celebrities, slick presence and fudging of facts.

Aboriginal groups fight over whose territory it is. There is not an ounce of concession between them. Developers bank on them cancelling each other out.

It is a goddamn mess and only money will clean it up. They all know it. That’s why they have lined up.

When we need it most good sense ain’t worth spit.