a skiff, trace or dusting

by underswansea


A small snowfall overnight made everything seem fresh and new.

We have had very little snow this winter. The little bit we had came in December and lasted on the ground until this day. The look of it was dirty. Every animal track and dog shit from December on sitting on top. This snow was welcome. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get more heading into March.


Headed out this morning to breath the air. In the mountains the snowfall was considerably more. The snow was wet and stuck to Slinky’s fur while Ara ran effortlessly. Slinky is a good bush dog but her short legs and wire hair does not lend itself to winter. I won’t hold it against her.


Coming over the bridge on the way home I noticed two white spots floating on the big pond below Athalmer. It seems early for swans, but then again, the pussy willows are already out.

I thought about the swans after I was home. Once my chores were finished I decided to walk down the river and see if I could track them down.


They were not hard to find. I was expecting Tundra Swans but found the larger and more graceful Trumpeter Swans. There was only two and they were hanging out with a flock of Canadian Geese.

These birds were almost hunted to extinction. Seeing their superior size beside the geese, one can tell they would have some meat-on-the-bone. I bet they could feed a family. The trick would be getting close enough to them. Both the geese and swans step into the water when I lift my camera.


The sky has turned the dark blue that comes with thaw. It is the kind of blue you want to breath deep into your lungs. It pushes on the mountains. It is a blue that only exists here and at this time of year. Like everything good I wonder if it will be the last time I see it.

By sundown the night’s snowfall was melted.