by underswansea


While splitting wood this morning I heard the call of Eagles. It didn’t take long to spot one on a nearby treetop and another flying high above. They were chattering up a storm.

I also noticed more than a few ravens and magpies. These birds together often mean there is a fresh kill nearby.  I took a quick walk down the street, and sure enough there was a dead deer in a nearby yard. A coyote was feasting on it. When it saw me it ran away.

I stuck around for a while hoping the eagles would land, but was pretty sure they wouldn’t. The deer was in a confined spot near a fence and playhouse; the coyote could have trapped it there. Regardless, I couldn’t see the eagles putting themselves into that spot.

One of the eagles soared down and a had a close look at me, as if to say, ‘Mind your own business.’

Realizing, it was probably right I went back to the woodpile.