a new leaf

by underswansea

It’s no secret it has been rough around here. Just talk to any of the valley’s prominent business leaders; of course you may have to wait until they are back from their tropical vacations, however, they won’t hesitate to tell you just how bad the economy is in the Columbia Valley.

They will tell you we are on the brink, and we need more developments. How we have to let Jumbo fly or we will all perish. How we need more Beemers, Benz’s and Escalades rolling down our streets. How we have to attract more spenders, more movers and shakers. How we have to get busy and develop the remaining shoreline. How we need to dredge the wetlands and make it deep enough for jet boats, (just think, we could host Canada’s longest jet boat race – from Canal Flats to Golden – Oh, the tourists it would bring).

Well, I am finally convinced. It is time to put away the outdated, environmental, hippy, dippy ideals. The leaders were right all along. It’s just taken me awhile to see it (I blame my parents).

At Palliser Pass we have to get with the program. No more editorial comment slamming consumerism, gluttony, environmental destruction or the far right. It is time to make a few ‘duckets’ for ourselves.

So, without further ado, I am pleased to announce Palliser Pass will now solicit advertising. We have been fortunate to land our first Real Estate client – see their ad below.

Cripes, I already feel more successful – sign me up for a BC Liberal membership and point me in the direction of the Chamber of Commerce.

bird ad3