don’t call me old. . . yet

by underswansea


Racked up my shoulder and tweaked my hip flexor. On the bright side, I got a new iPhone.

I call it ‘the machine’. Hunter says, I should just call it a phone. He gets further annoyed when I call text messages, ‘faxes’. He laughs when I take my glasses off to read the tiny screen.

Back to my injuries and how I got them. Lisa and I took to the creek this afternoon. When it came time to walk the dogs, Lisa said she would stay back at the truck. I decided to walk up a steep trail. We still had a couple of toboggans in the back of the truck from sledding at Christmas. So I took one with me, thinking I would walk up the hill and when it was time to turn around I would sled back to the truck. That is why Lisa loves me – I am always thinking.

The dogs loved the walk. After a mile walking up hill I decided to sled out. I only got about 25 yards and Slinky let me know, by nipping my feet, she wanted on.

So, she got on the front of the sled and we took off.  She was happy and we picked up a pretty good head of steam. I congratulated myself on how smart I was. It was easier than walking.

As we approached the truck, Lisa saw us – a man and his dog tobogganing down the mountain. Unfortunately, Slinky also saw Lisa and decided to bail and run the rest of the way to her female master.

Well, the sudden loss of weight in the front end caused the sleigh to swerve off the trail and into the deep snow. It was a crash and tumble. That snow was harder than it looked. Thus my shoulder and hip.

My dad used to say, “I ain’t as young as I once were.”

Now I know what he was talking about. At least back then, phones were attached to the wall, faxes weren’t invented and nobody took their dogs sledding.

What I need is an app that can fetch me an ice pack.