by underswansea


Thought I’d make the best of the extra light and lit out for an old hide out. It took courage to leave the sun and drop off the ridge into the creek bottom. The dogs looked at me like I was crazy


It’s been awhile. The shit house was still standing. Held together by shooting poplar. Looked for Leo, but he continued to stay ‘dearly departed’.  I’m not surprised. I doubt he would choose to return in February. I may be happy with the extended daylight, but I’m sure it’s the shits from his vantage point. Could be May before he drops off the ridge. By then I’ll be creek bound getting as high as I can into the snow. Last time I saw Leo he was singing, “I’ll be Seeing You.”


The bush was a dark tangle. I could hear the water under the ice.  I found the old casing where I left it. Used to imagine it was an old whiskey still. Woodpeckers had drilled holes in the dyeing snags. The dogs, after their initial apprehension, were happy chasing various rodents, which were plenty.

The sun was well down after climbing onto the ridge. Unlike Leo the sun is making a comeback. Apparently it hasn’t learned its lesson.