the moon and jupiter

by underswansea


Jupiter appears as a dot above the moon’s glow.

Fog covered the valley bottom all day, refusing to burn off. Come dark, it was good to get above it. In the mountains the temperature dropped to -15°c. Cold enough to make you wish you hadn’t forgot your gloves.


Pleiades, the moon and Orion. Jupiter is lost in moon shine.

Tonight, Jupiter and the moon appeared very close together. It won’t be until 2026 that they will appear this close again. Conjunctions between the moon and planets or stars have always interested me. When I was younger it was a simple way to identify stars. Once they were identified they became easy to identify even without the moon present. It is surprising how one star leads to another and how they define the seasons. It is no wonder our ancestors were so interested in the night skies. It is beyond amazing.


Jupiter looks small, and the moon looks large. In fact, Jupiter is much bigger than the moon and only appears small to our eyes because it is so much farther away – nearly 1,700 times farther away than the moon.