moonlight drive

by underswansea


Slipped away this evening to watch the mountains under a near full moon. Not much snow down low. Certainly more last year at Christmas. Pushed it a mile or two past the old mine site. The temperature at -12° was a welcome refresher after spending most of the day inside. The dogs missed their walk as well. They were happy to be walking the Old Pass Road in moonlight. A thin cloud obscured the stars but not the moon. Jupiter would be close to the moon if the night were clear. The tops of the trees sent fingers into the mottled moonlight. Slinky, running ahead, barked at something, perhaps a rabbit or a mouse. I could tell by her voice she lost it as soon as she saw it. Her eyes are not good in low light. Ara stayed at my heal. I took a couple photos, knowing they would look eerie to anyone but me.