jumbo fuck-up

by underswansea

Truth is stranger than fiction.

On this blog I often make comments about us (people) destroying our environment.  Occasionally, I write with anger. When I have written for other publications it is more measured, and in some ways, can have more impact. But here it is different. For one thing, much of what I write is fiction. Lisa warns me that readers may not be able to tell what is real and what is made up. I say; what’s wrong with that.

About a week ago I wrote a post called, the developer, MLA and conservationist. I made it up, but several readers thought it was true and thought I was writing about specific individuals.

It is based in truth. Who doesn’t know a developer that owes everybody in town and walks away unscathed running another scam years later? Or a politician, drunk on power, pushing the developers ideas forward? And finally, maybe the most corrupt of all, the conservationist that goes to all the environmental meetings while polluting at a rate ten times that of a hundred hillbillies in 4×4’s?

Who doesn’t know people like this? It doesn’t matter where you live, it could be the West Coast or the middle of Alberta. They are a dime a dozen, unfortunately.

What is funny is the post was written three days before the BC Liberal government approved the incorporation of Jumbo as a municipality.

Declaring the yet to be built resort development a municipality takes the burden of roads and infrastructure off the developer. It also makes investment from foreign sources more favorable.

I can’t even begin to write a fictional story that would sum up the characters involved in this announcement.

I have always believed that Jumbo Resort would eventually be a reality. As much as it is unwanted by the majority of locals on both sides of the Purcells, it is destined to pass as people new to the valley begin to outnumber long time locals.

Much of the business community has settled here in the last ten years. Their thinking is; if three or four ski resorts are good for business then five or six have to be better, right?

The thing is Jumbo is not going to be good for business, and even if it was the cost to the environment is too great.

It will, however, be a windfall for a very small group of people.

Liberal, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, Bill Bennett, forehead greasy and gleaming, looked like the cat that swallowed the canary while making the announcement. Even Liberal supporters were cringing.

To declare a town in an area 55 km into the bush without a single citizen is bizarre. To appoint a hand picked Mayor and Council is unheard of.

What was not a surprise is the new appointed Mayor is Greg Deck. Greg is a political insider and long time champion of Jumbo Resort. He is a slick and clever politician that rarely loses a battle. He is a man for both the Liberal government and the developer. They are banking he completes the trick.

It is not easy to sum it up. Perhaps the best I can say is: I knew it would come to this – but I didn’t know it would come to this!