pretty good piss

by underswansea

Listen motherfuckers do you want drunken absurdity? Dirty thoughts? Violence with a smile? Do you want to reach up into the sky and grab Jupiter by the scruff, pull it down – burning a hole in your fist all the while? The rumour is your wish came true – The lake turned to beer. But before you get too excited it’s beer pissed out by oil drunk, second home owning, motor boat riding, SUV driving, right winged, fuckin-the-valley, investing in the future, black souled tourists. Just your luck, dumbfuck. Then again, perhaps you should slurp it up like the glassblowers, artists and rubber tomahawk peddlers. After all maybe they know something you don’t. Those tourists throw away more than most have. I bet the lake is still a good 2% alc. That’s pretty good piss. If you drink enough maybe you won’t give a fuck either.