clear skies

by underswansea

A very fine day. Warm and clear in November. My neighbour mowed his lawn! With the time change it gets dark early. I took off, ‘hellbent’ for the backroads and followed the creek up the mountain. The creek was heading the other way. We exchanged waves. I pushed on further than usual. I stopped on a slide and walked around under the stars, trying to figure them out. A few years ago I saw a grizzly on its hind legs sniffing the air in this very same spot. Since then I have been a lot of places. I would bet that grizzly would say the same, but he was in my mind as I stood there in the dark. I reminded myself the chances were astronomical of us meeting again in the same spot years later. It couldn’t happen. Just then, Slinky walking behind me, started to eat the hard frozen snow. The sound her teeth made gave me the shivers. Then I looked to the tree tops lit by the Milky Way and laughed at my pure, undeserved luck. Very fine day.

This picture shows ‘The Pleiades’ star cluster, Jupiter rising and the star Aldebaren. Aldebaren is a prominent star in the constellation Taurus. Most of Taurus is yet to rise. This picture is for Sister Deb.