late october

by underswansea

It has been a long week. Lots of work. Like they say you have to make hay when the sun shines. It could dry up come November. Awoke to snow a few days this week. Seems early this year. Winter is starting to become my favorite season – the days getting shorter, the chill in the air, the dark nights with Orion overlooking the frozen lake. Everyday seems different – even small changes in light and temperature seems to make a big difference. The small birds that stay all winter, the chickadees and buntings and nuthatches never cease to amaze. Come to think of it – winter has always been my favorite season.

I went for a quick walk at coffee beak and saw a Red-Breasted Nuthatch slipping from branch to branch in a stand of dead Bull-Pine. We watched each other for a short ten minutes. It didn’t seem to worry about me. Heading into November I consider it a good sign. I didn’t have a camera, but here is a picture of a Nuthatch from last winter.