by underswansea

Dug the spuds. Pulled the leeks and carrots. The dogs and I ate a few carrots raw. The frost has hardened and sweetened them. Wish I had a root cellar to keep them into the winter. Will probably give most away tomorrow. Lisa made turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and dressing. The only thing better than Lisa’s dressing is Lisa undressing (I say this at every turkey dinner, and it received with groans from our children). I love it when Lisa laughs.

I am up late and have the bones on simmer. Tossed in a few of the fresh dug leeks, carrots and celery. When it is drained it will be good broth. It smells good. Hunter has already asked when the soup will be ready. I told him, tomorrow at supper, it is a two-step process, but well worth it.

The garden is just about to bed. Two heads of cabbage, a few big beets, some dill and, amazingly, several joi-choi plants that reseeded from spring, remain. It is something to see a plant have two crops in one year.

Dave and Florence joined us for supper. Later, Christian, Debbie, Grace and April popped in. It was wonderful to see them.

We missed Kelsie and Tom and Maddy and Chad. When your children are young you think they will always be with you. It is bittersweet to know they don’t need you, but wonderful to see them grow into self-sufficiency. I still worry about them everyday. When they are home, I realize they are smarter than I am.  Like I said, it is bittersweet.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. We have so much. I wish I could save it for the winter. The creeks are clear and the fish are biting. It is cold in the morning and when the sun shines in the afternoon it is appreciated.

Orion is back in the 5 am mornings to guide us through another winter. I’m not sure what direction I’d take without it.

It is a lot to be thankful for.