art and deceit

by underswansea

fuck me how it seems like so much bullshit
the computer is trying to capitalize and fix my spelling
not that i blame it but it should at least have the courtesy
to let me ask for help.

took a look at the latest greatest valley art
the salmon festival is coming up
it s great because it sells
artists that would stop doing it if it didn’t make a buck
it should be called pussy art
it may as well be made in china.

i want drunkards that sing with voices
tom waits wish he had
i want the columbia sucked up
and spit out over the banks
crumbling every motor boat and vacation home.

i want to look below the bridge
and see a whale
be scared shitless
and wonder where it came from.

i want to wade knee deep
then neck
feeling with my toes for fish.

i want to dive off the swinging bridge
and catch my drowning friends.

if i could go back i would
not that it would make a difference.

fuck me
but fuck them too.

fuck glass fish
and limited edition art.

it may as well be made in china.