cool mornings

by underswansea

It looks like frost tonight. I have been covering my tomatoes and peppers for the past few days. We have had light frosts in the morning, right around 6 or 7. Had to scrape my windows Monday morning.

Decided to pick most of the peppers and tomatoes. I hate to do it. If we had a couple more weeks most would ripen. It is the same story every year. The truth is I don’t mind. I am used to it. Those tomatoes will taste good in October, November and, if lucky, December. Lisa will freeze a bunch for soups and stews. We will eat them right into spring.

The peppers and tomatoes had a tough year. My first set of plants were killed by frost. I had several pepper plants trimmed by deer. The rain in June and July damn near drowned them. They actually stood still – not dyeing but not growing either.

The carrots and spuds didn’t seem to mind the cool summer. I diligently thinned my carrots and ended up with some monsters. I pride myself in growing obscene vegetables. This year, regarding the garden, I haven’t had much to crow about – until tonight when I found this ‘well hung’ carrot.

The garden is still chugging away. I have a second crop of dill below stocks that have gone to seed.

Radish pods are a crunchy treat. A head of lettuce has sprouted on the side of the compost pile.

Summer has slipped. I was out in it everyday, but as usual I missed it. Maybe that’s what summer does – lets you forget. We marvel at longer days in spring. Fall reminds us never to take it for granted.

We get all four seasons. Slinky knows it. Today was the season for chasing grasshoppers through the long grass.