by underswansea

I just about put my face on this guy while taking pictures of bumblebees on Scotch thistle.  It was Lisa sitting in the truck about 25 yards away that saw it first and yelled nonchalantly, “There is a spider beside you.”

It was about an inch long and believe me when I say the photo doesn’t do it justice.  I showed this photo to Kelsie thinking she would be both frightened and impressed but she was neither. Kelsie is recently back from Costa Rica where, she tells me, ‘the spiders are as big as your face.’

Slinky had a rabbit on the run. I would see a bush shake, Slinky barked and a rabbit would run for its life. Slinky kept barking at the bush, oblivious to the fleeing rabbit.

Slinky has game but no finish. I like that about her. When it’s time to get back in the truck I rarely have to pry something dead from her jaws. Regardless of her lack of success never was there a dog who enjoyed hunting more.

I was tempted to point out the spider to Slinky. Slinky likes all kinds of insects. Flies on windows, horseflies that deserve disdain and moths turned on by lamps. She eats them all. Spiders ain’t insects but I doubt she would have noticed the difference.

In the end Slinky and I left the spider alone, figuring a bird would enjoy it more.

There is something about it all that makes you wonder.